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Specializing in the struggles of anxiety, insomnia, & other life stress


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Choose the format of help you want: one-on-one psychotherapy or community events. Whether you have everyday struggles or are looking for high-level intervention for complex problems, Ayama Psychotherapy works with you to find lasting relief from anxiety, life stress and sleep problems. We are a small, welcoming office for people of all backgounds, with plenty of parking and easy access. Located in Lemont, PA (State College, PA). We are just a few minutes outside of PSU campus.

Ayama Psychotherapy is a group practice which has grown out of Dr. Yamasaki’s experience of over a decade of helping anxious adults in central PA.


Our One-on-One,

Clinical Services:

Sleep Treatment/CBT-I

Go beyond a temporary fix for your sleep problems through our non-medication-based treatment, which is internationally-recognized as the gold-standard of treatment for insomnia by both physicians and psychologists.

Visits include individualized sleep instructions to maximize sleep changes and manage worry.

Clients who benefit most are those who accept that their current methods are not working. We also treat nightmares and sleep phase disorders (e.g., night owls, seasonal shifts).

If you want to know more about insomnia treatment, download our free hand-out on CBT-I and schedule an appointment.



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We understand that starting therapy is its own stressor. Psychotherapy with us is very collaborative, so you aren’t left feeling uncertain if you have invested in the right therapist. We clarify the problem for you, help you formulate plans for change, and keep you accountable.

Problems treated include, but are not limited to: insomnia, anxiety in all forms (panic, worry, social anxiety, OCD, PTSD/trauma), life transitions and stress, work/entrepreneur burnout, caregiving burnout and relationship stress. Individual therapists have their additional specialty areas described in their bio.

If you are interested in services, read more about our clinicians to see if one of them might be a good fit or contact us to schedule.


Our Community

Workshops and Offerings:

We get the fact that people are busy and overworked. Not everyone has the time to commit to one-on-one therapy for everyday concerns. Find easy access to address stress and sleep problems through our community offerings.


Free service: Insomnia & Sleep Health Walk-Ins

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For whom? Any curious individual

Dates: Monday’s 11/4/19, 11/25/19, 12/9/19, 12/16/19

Time: 3-5pm

Cost: Free

Location: 720 Pike St, Suite 2, Lemont PA 16851

Take the guesswork out of sleep by visiting us for a quick screening for common sleep problems, including sleep apnea and insomnia. You’ll be given straight-forward, free guidance as to what steps could be considered to improve sleep. No cost or appt. needed, but donations are welcomed, with 100% going to a local non-profit.

Visit us! We’ll be available.


Workshop: Sleep for Worriers and Busy Minds

For whom? Worriers and busy minds who take more than 10-20 minutes to fall asleep at night.

Benefits of participation: Go to bed at night without worrying if you’ll fall asleep; know exactly what to do if sleep gets disrupted; regain time and energy you have been spending recuperating from lost sleep

Instructor: Alissa Yamasaki, Ph.D.

Start date: Wednesday, 10/23/19

Location: Sig: Wellness Studio at 320 Rolling Ridge Drive, State College, PA 16801

Over time, a busy mind can make it hard to sleep, triggering wakefulness and more worry as time in the night ticks by, making it even harder to sleep. This practical, hands-on workshop delivers the steps needed to break the cycle of sleeplessness and sleep struggles.

Our easy online pre-registration process helps you identify if you would be likely to benefit from this workshop.

Workshop length is 1.5 hours for each of 4 meetings, and meets every other week. What’s included:

-Motivation and accountability, with actionable steps, essential in the short-term to solidify long-term improvement of sleep

-Detailed instruction on how to use publicly-available, free technology to understand your body’s personal sleep needs

-Well-tested techniques to decrease nighttime thinking/worry

-Easy-to-use mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Unsure if you want to commit? Visit us for our free walk-in sleep screening (scroll up or read on Facebbook) and get a feel for how we might help. You can always email us with questions.

*Please note that this series meets at Sig Wellness Studio in State College, PA. For registration prior to 10/1/19, use coupon code EARLYBIRD to get a discounted price of $150. Starting October 1st, cost is $160. We have 1 spot for a greeter/assistant, who receives a $15 discount (enter coupon code ASSIST). Next series runs Wednesday’s 10/23/19, 11/6/19, 11/20/19, and 12/4/19.

***DEADLINE FOR THIS WORKSHOP HAS PASSED. Subscribe below to be on our email list to receive announcements about the next sleep workshop.***

About the workshop instructor: After seeing private clients succeed in finding good sleep under her care (after they had trouble implementing the self-help version on their own), Dr. Yamasaki is excited to now merge a self-help approach with her own expertise so people improve their outcomes.