Find Other Providers

Some people opt to wait for an opening for our services. If you choose to do this, subscribe to our mailing list (which is not a waiting list or guarantee that you will receive an appointment). If you have immediate or pressing needs, do not wait for our services.



If you are in a medical emergency, call 911.

For immediate crisis assistance in Centre County (PA), the 24-hour crisis line phone is 1-800-643-5432.

There is also a national suicide prevention texting line, which can be reached by texting “HOME” to 741741.


For insomnia and treatment of a variety of sleep disorders, Dr. Julio Fernandez-Mendoza of Hershey Sleep and Medicine is the next closest option we know of. You will likely need a referral from your physician.


For all other psychotherapy, you can try this local resource for names.

Testing Services

Neuropsychological/Psychological and Other testing

  • Michael Keil, Ph.D. at (814) 231-8820 (offers a variety of testing services)

  • Penn State Psychological Clinic at (814) 865-2191 (offers a variety of testing services, even for non-students)

  • Ruben Echemendia, Ph.D. at 814-235-5588 (offers testing for head injury only)

  • Candace Good, M.D. at 814-212-3469 (offers brief ADHD testing, for people who want to confirm a diagnosis and don’t need documentation for accommodations, such as for Disability Services)

  • Yvonne Reedy, Ph.D. at (814) 934-0668 (offers a variety of testing services, located in Philipsburg, PA)

  • For any legal involvement and needed documentation, we recommend that you search for a forensic psychologist